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What do u feel when u mst sing a concert? - Page 1/1

Subject: What do u feel when u mst sing a concert?
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violon08 27.11.13 - 08:31am
Hi hi hi * +

garion 27.11.13 - 05:46pm
I used to be absolutely TERRIFIED for hours beforehand, stomach in a knot, feeling sick (the bigger the crowd, the worse it was) but I'd get out on stage and it'd all vanish immediately and I'd be right on it, never been nervous during only before. * +

stratboy 28.04.17 - 04:56pm
happy * +

usbcable 28.04.17 - 10:20pm
Never had too.. It's blooody terrifying * +

somerson 29.04.17 - 06:15pm
Noooooo! I suffer from terrible stage fright. And public speech ugh. Due to work can't avoid doing public speaches though sad.gif

But on the bright side....singing I don't have to do!grin4.gif * +

z3ta 16.05.17 - 03:23pm
Fever *

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