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Subject: Passion
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dgsn 1.08.13 - 02:37pm
Was just watching a few live vids of Fleetwood Mac. Couldnt help but notice that Mick likes to drum and play live, he is awesome. Gimme people that ooze passion this that fvcka, dosnt matter what genre aside obviously manufactured pop music. *

leonking 5.08.13 - 11:54pm
Look at the faces he pulls while hes drumming.all that gurning lol he was coked off his face....they were good tho *

maberry 6.08.13 - 06:54pm
There are still some artists,that sing with passionhug *

rav3n 7.08.13 - 09:23am
I saw Toto live a month ago and I can tell that they still play with passion. *

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