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Subject: Real punk
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dgsn 23.07.13 - 04:40pm
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSorfQFe8IE * +

dgsn 23.07.13 - 04:56pm
wrong link. My bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMSWRT6ynhs * +

suges 23.07.13 - 05:38pm
''Allin usually took the stage in a jockstrap and wound up nude; he beat himself blood with broken bottles, torn cans, and microphones (when he wasn't trying to shove the latter up his own ass); he attacked and was attacked by his own audience; he urinated on the stage, on his band, on the audience; he frequently took laxatives before shows in order to defecate on the stage, after which he generally ate his own feces or threw them at the audience'' * +

suges 23.07.13 - 05:39pm
I don't know why I went to your link. * +

dgsn 23.07.13 - 06:15pm
Punk. I seen someone say blink182 was a favourite punk band I thought I should show real punk * +

mmatt 1.08.13 - 04:24pm
Gg allin was an idiot. Listen to minor threat. * +

dgsn 1.08.13 - 05:18pm
Minor Threat are okay but the straight edge preachy thing gets a bit old. They did put out some good music though. * +

byakko 5.08.13 - 04:15pm
Then listen to Black Flag * +

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