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Subject: Et tu brutal?
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darkxn 16.08.12 - 10:59am
Can anyone recommend any REALLY harsh, heavy BRUTAL metal bands to me? And also what you think is their best album? Thanx! rocker * +

darkxn 16.08.12 - 11:03am
Apparently I'm getting a bit soft in my old age, listening mainly to melodic death, thrash and black metal bands... :P Behemoth and Job for a Cowboy are probably the heaviest bands in my collection, atm. * +

darkxn 16.08.12 - 11:39am
SLAYAAAAAAARGH...! rocker of course, yes - Slayer is my fave band - I have like all their albums on my mp3 player! Love Testament and Kreator too but a bit short on Exodus, lolI've only heard OF Pig Destroy - gonna have to check them out, along with the others! Thanx a million! * +

darkxn 16.08.12 - 12:41pm
They beat Slayer?? No way... Blasphemy!!! :OI think Behemoth pretty much conquers all :P but now I'm looking for these bands that I hear make Behemoth sound like the Petshop Boys... * +

darkxn 16.08.12 - 12:48pm
I really dig Annihilator, btw, but I still think slayer is harder than them! :P Not a huge fan of Overkill for some reason, I forget... Might've been the vocals :?Has sodom got any new stuff out? I think my most recent stuff, by them, was from round 2002! xD Better Off Dead, or something - really liked it but been a while since I listened to it... * +

oysten 16.08.12 - 12:50pm
I'll pm you some good stuff sir * +

garion 16.08.12 - 01:43pm
Nice topic title. shake * +

darkxn 16.08.12 - 02:13pm
thanks Thank you, garion, lol * +

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