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1lemon1 26.04.12 - 10:45pm
Antestor, Horde, Slechtvalk, Hortor, Wintersoul, etc. Welcome to the Unblack Realm. * +

gaara_x 27.04.12 - 02:57am
s**t. If i could i did ban these bands from playing, christianity has no place in the Black metal scene. * +

gaara_x 27.04.12 - 03:36am
Just to point this fact out, the Black metal scene these days is completely different from the early 90's. What i believe in is Black Metal was used as a cover to hide Satanic terrorism and church arson etc. It was never about making money, or even about music, it was about fighting Christianity, and removing it from the face of the Earth. * +

1lemon1 27.04.12 - 07:54am
I got tired of all the hypocrisy in the Secular scene. personaly I think Christian Black Metal bands are producing some of the finest Black Metal out there * +

1lemon1 27.04.12 - 07:55am
with all due respect, please not that this isn't a discussion topic. I'm simply searching for people who actually love this genre. please be nice. * +

1lemon1 27.04.12 - 07:59am
note* * +

laris02 27.04.12 - 10:58am
christian black metal lol please tell me u r serious * +

kurt_x 27.04.12 - 08:14pm
wtfis this a joke? * +

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