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Subject: nine inch nails
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r3ckless 26.12.11 - 11:55pm
any fans? Favourite album? Favourite song? With teeth probably my favourite album. *

byakko 27.12.11 - 08:39am
The Downward Spiral.Favourite songs,Deep,Something I Can Never Have,Wish,Hurt,Survivalism,Every Day Is Exactly The Same...Could go on for ages *

crzygrlx 29.12.11 - 09:13am
head like a hole and fk u lyk an animal sic songs :) *

djdean 4.01.12 - 01:38pm
The Downward Spiral is my fav album. Reptile, Head Like A Hole, Eraser,Starf*ckers Inc., The Great Destroyer, *

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