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Subject: question
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baggy10 24.08.11 - 10:22am
depends how easy an album is to get a hold of, i buy if i can find it in a music shop but ill download if i cant * +

tect0nic 24.08.11 - 10:28am
download it * +

vampboy 24.08.11 - 10:34am
dont piracy * +

vampboy 24.08.11 - 10:36am
kind of feel bad because i just convert youtube videos to mp3 and i claim that i love those bands more than anything yet i don't help them. sigh * +

angel76 24.08.11 - 07:12pm
both as i aint uptodate wiv ma music equipment so love blarin ma music on me hifi lol, cds N tapes haha * +

garion 24.08.11 - 09:23pm
I wouldn't touch mp3's with a dead penguins wedding tackle. If an artist creates a piece of work I pay for a copy. Everyone's gotta eat, and there's no reason musicians should starve when less creative people get paid for their job, and assume they can just nick other peoples work. * +

1owlcity 28.09.23 - 06:39am
Just YouTube and radio *

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