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Subject: Jimi Hendrix
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trunking 17.11.22 - 05:10pm
Yeah. He paved the way for future guitarists. * +

stratboy 18.11.22 - 02:05pm

@ b0h3m1an - 9.06.11 - 02:16am
purp0 haze baby! pur0 haze smoker

have you still not discovered the letter o key? * +

six 18.11.22 - 11:12pm
There's 'best as in fastest or most knowledgeable, like van halen or gary moore, then there's 'best' as in maverick or inventive, but aren't necessarily recognised as being theoretically educated in guitar, joe santiago, john mcgeoch. The latter break creative boundaries, the former break physical boundaries. Anyway both push the guitar to it's limit and I rank hendrix somewhere between the two, imho * +

six 18.11.22 - 11:13pm
the o is between the i and the p * +

six 18.11.22 - 11:21pm
I think it's about putting your stamp on an instrument. Hendrix definitely did that, just like bb king or even hank marvin did, and yet someone like mick marrs won't get that kinda cred because he never really brought anything new to the table. * +

warded 13.06.24 - 02:52pm
Choking on one's own vomit is not a cool way to go. shameonyou *

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