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Subject: EmiLiE AuTuMn
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darkxn 29.11.10 - 08:59am
Any fans out there? I recently got hold of her Opheliac album and am thoroughly hooked! music Which of her other albums r really good? * +

chris08 29.11.10 - 05:45pm
enchant is a far better album, shes too busy milking money from fangirls nowadays * +

darkxn 30.11.10 - 05:15am
Lol! Ok, thanks - I'll check that out, then! I don't necessarily know that that is her intention, though - you know she started her own independant label, just so she can do her own thing and not be force to be commercial by some record company.. ? Apparently that is the story behind the track sw*llow I guess time will tell though... * +

darkxn 1.12.10 - 09:04pm
d*mn....! are there really S0 few ppl into Emilie Autumn?!? * +

rozz30 7.09.11 - 11:42am
Yea she cool diferant * +

bboplula 8.11.11 - 02:26pm
I love EA....I saw her last year when she came to Sydney, everyone's jaw just dropped, amazing show! *

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