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Subject: michael jackson
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campa 25.06.09 - 10:54pm
reports coming in that jacko has died in an la hospital after havin a heart attack * +

garion 25.06.09 - 10:57pm
Goodness - 'officials would not confirm if CPR was successful..' sounds kinda ominous. * +

campa 25.06.09 - 11:08pm
yeah, not sure what to make of that garion. Guess they tryin not to say anything till they have the full story worked out. Best take cd's to work tomorrow unless you like wall to wall jacko on the radio * +

malenw 25.06.09 - 11:26pm
Telly sayin hes in a coma .. * +

garion 25.06.09 - 11:27pm
From the BBC website: 'The singer was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his Bel Air home at about 1230 (1900GMT), media reports say. Unconfirmed reports on TMZ entertainment website say the 50-year-old star has died. The paramedics performed CPR on Jackson as the ambulance took him to the UCLA medical centre, officials say. * +

garion 25.06.09 - 11:32pm
Crowds have begun to gather outside the facility, whose emergency centre has been roped off by police. The star was due to begin a series of comeback concerts with an appearance at London's O2 arena on 13 July. He has a history of health problems and has not completed a concert tour in 12 years. * +

jpdv 25.06.09 - 11:36pm
Spooky was only saying to my mum today he will probably be dead before she sees him in concert...whoops * +

garion 25.06.09 - 11:45pm
Gosh, whatever has been reported about him in the past, which one could assume a certain percentage of was true (but WHAT percentage?) he has without doubt been responsible for some of the greatest pop music of our generation, so if he HAS passed away, RIP. * +

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