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Subject: As I Lay Dying DVD
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jjoyz 25.04.09 - 10:47pm
So i just found this..as i lay dying have released their dvd titled 'This is who we are'...it was released on 14th april.its a 3 dvd set..first dvd is the band's documentary..contains info,interviews n stuff...2nd dvd covers some of their live performances between 2007-08...and the 3rd dvd contains their music videos n bonus stuff excited... any1 got it?methinks its gonna be great.. * +

jjoyz 25.04.09 - 10:47pm
....especially the 2nd dvd...would love to see some of their live performances...so get it now * +

axlisbak 26.04.09 - 03:57am
nay * +

metalb0y 26.04.09 - 07:07am
I read about this DVD on friday and it really sounds great. I'm definitely buying it. I love band's documentaries as well as live shows so this will be awesome. * +

jjoyz 26.04.09 - 05:25pm
yep its gonna be awesome...n im still waiting for tht day whn stratuncle will post a decent meaningful reply yawn * +

jjoyz 27.04.09 - 05:19am
just saw sm of their live performances in the dvd n i must say theyre amazing *

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