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anne_29 7.04.09 - 01:37pm
List s0me s0ngs that are part of the t0p usa40 billb0ard chart..In rand0m. .Include the number,s0ng and artist...Starts n0w! * +

anne_29 7.04.09 - 01:40pm
Poker face by lady gaga..Is it the number1? * +

axlisbak 8.04.09 - 05:55am
Who gives a d*mn whats on the american top 40? Its just full of manufactured overhyped pop/rap/rock stars that are mainly listened to by unimaginitive sheep who wont even listen to a song unless its popular and the radio says its cool nod * +

axlisbak 8.04.09 - 05:59am
The majority of them arent even able songwriters. They get told what to sing and how to play it. Thats like somebody going up to van gogh and saying see my drawing? Ok i want you to copy it exactly how ive drawn it. Add a tiny bit of your weirdness here and there but stick to the template! Oh and if you cut your ear off it will get you HUGE popularity too lol * +

axlisbak 8.04.09 - 06:02am
Notice why many of them sound cr*p live on stage? Its cause they spend so much time and money in the studio adding effects and gimmicks to make them sound 100 times better than they actually are nod * +

axlisbak 8.04.09 - 06:08am
Lady gaga was in australia a couple of months ago to perform 4 a breakfast show here. She walked on stage, and walked off again without saying anything. Appearantly she had never played a live show before. Hard to believe from a no.1 chart topper from new york. She came back out 20 minutes later and mimed the whole poker face song except for tiny bits here and there. Nuff said lol * +

xsquirmx 8.04.09 - 12:42pm
still ppl listen t them they dont mind wat goes live...hip hop is good whn ur in a disco or driving... * +

jjoyz 8.04.09 - 12:46pm
agreed with axlisbak..really who gives a d*mn wats in the top 40..its still gonna be cr*p * +

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