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Subject: Britney Spears
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charm16 23.01.09 - 12:44pm
All d britney's undying fans.. Share ur thuts negative positive 4 britney, wat u lyk most of her and wat u hate most, her songs, r u agree as she d pop princess? * +

nick17 23.01.09 - 01:08pm
I agree. U knw, im a musiclover and knws anythng bwt 90s music, britney had an awesome cute voice, she's pretty too and i lyk her she's my idol * +

xyo_yox 23.01.09 - 06:12pm
She used to be okay * +

lempi 23.01.09 - 07:38pm
wel she was n stl ok.im crazy of her music,outrages,evrytme,lucky,womanizer womanizer * +

xk3llyx 23.01.09 - 07:48pm
Love Her :D I Just Got her new album and the cheesyness of is makes me Smile :) * +

destry 23.01.09 - 08:21pm
She's a trailer trash circus freak! * +

pauly123 24.01.09 - 12:42am
i kinda feel sorry for ppl like britney.. all that money and fame at such a young age no wonder she went a bit nuts.... would i have done the same ? hell yeah with that kinda money id prob have been dead by 25 * +

4nicegal 24.01.09 - 01:12am
I knw britney got in2 drugs alcohol etc. Or either d stupid grl of hollywood but u knw she had ths charm dat boys loved althu shes stupid but she stil a good singer * +

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