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Subject: Children of bodom
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gothbch 18.11.08 - 11:25pm
Whats the best cd to buy, im off to see them with machine head and slipknot in a couple of wks n want to get some cds 1st * +

zatoichi 19.11.08 - 12:03am
howdy me 2 im seein on the 7th dec i just brought em all lol no help i kno sorry * +

gothbch 19.11.08 - 12:38am
Same here, a bit pisd coz could only get seat tix * +

gothbch 19.11.08 - 12:39am
The 1 track i luv atm is 'are you dead yet?' * +

zatoichi 19.11.08 - 12:49am
oh yeah same here i got a seat tix yeah good song im loving in you're face and bloodrunk * +

nottski 19.11.08 - 02:54am
heh, i got standing. :D not a big bodom fan, though! * +

d0td0t 19.11.08 - 03:15am
i think all their cds are pretty good. * +

metalb0y 19.11.08 - 05:10am
Dude buying any of one of the bodom albums will be a great decision because they all good! So take your pick! Are You dead yet is a good album but many people didn't like it, i love it though. Also HateCrew Deathroll, good album. Take your pick man * +

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