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Subject: Alestorm?
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skadi_88 6.03.08 - 06:59am
Was so pleased how well received they were in Liverpool last night. Saw a ton more Alestorm t-shirts floating round than any other band by the time the gig ended. lol anyone managed to see them with Turisas/ Norther yet? What ye think? * +

skadi_88 6.03.08 - 12:11pm
Tra la la... * +

massacre 6.03.08 - 10:54pm
Turisas are amazing. The image annoys me a little though. Still, great music. * +

cybipunk 7.03.08 - 01:53am
witchfly x lucki lil skadi lol x * +

kute_lez 7.03.08 - 09:05am
Turisas rock. I love Alestorm. I was so glad they got signed. It took way too long though. I wish I could see Alestorm live hehe * +

skadi_88 7.03.08 - 04:26pm
Bwahaha Punky. :D still have a sore neck from Gav attacks and windmilling. Ooh, it didn't really take that long to get signed, only bout a year or so from their midi roots haha. And only done a handful of gigs, so kinda quick really. =) * +

skadi_88 9.03.08 - 09:33pm
Yay! :D * +

kute_lez 30.03.09 - 06:37am
Just got the Keelhaul promo in the post. The new album Black Sails To Midnight is to be out late May and early June, depends where you are ... It's really good! chin * +

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