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garion 2.02.08 - 09:58pm
A topic for everyone to share their hints and tips about how to make your music sound even better.. * +

garion 2.02.08 - 09:58pm
To start the topic off: isolate your cd player, don't have it on top of, or on the same surface as your amplifier. You can buy expensive isolation feet at around 25 guid a throw, but buy two squash balls (about 3 quid), cut 'em into halves, and put them under the feet of your cd player. The top end will be crisper, and your bass will lose some 'boominess' and become tighter. * +

metal137 2.02.08 - 10:04pm
Great topic. I learned a bit just from the first reply. * +

yogoda 2.02.08 - 10:32pm
don't stick your speakers in the corners of your room * +

yogoda 2.02.08 - 10:34pm
keep volume at reasonable level, sounds better, protects hearing and avoids upsettin neighbours * +

yogoda 2.02.08 - 10:36pm
as for isolation feet have you seen china cones for studio monitors :p * +

garion 2.02.08 - 11:36pm
Good call on the 'avoid corners' @yogoda - I suppose it's a bit obvious, but if it turns out to be that kinda post: NEVER have your speakers facing each other, even if it's across a big room. * +

yogoda 3.02.08 - 11:08am
upgrade cheap/free speaker cable...not saying blow your life savings on it, but a bit better cabling does improve the sound :) * +

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