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Subject: The White Stripes
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metalb0y 5.07.07 - 09:29pm
Any white stripes fans around? What's your favourite album? And what are your views on the new album and single, icky thump? I love the song, they keyboards aren't too good on it but if it wasn't for them the song would be plain. Great guitar riff though! music * +

mtshak 5.07.07 - 10:41pm
Are'nt there only like 2 people it da band? * +

mel0dy 5.07.07 - 11:29pm
Jeah the white stripes c0nsist 0f br0ther and sister du0 jack and meg white. I think icky thump is a r0cking s0ng. But get behind me satan was als0 pretty amazing. Denial twist and d00rbell are classics. Isnt jack the lead guy 0f the racanteurs as well? Als0 an0ther great band! * +

puciato 6.07.07 - 01:56am
Cant say favourite album but dead leaves on the dirty ground is my favourite song.And i just dont know what to do with myself.Great cover * +

d.boon 6.07.07 - 04:13am
Some people speculate they are/were married * +

metalb0y 6.07.07 - 07:20am
Blue orchid is awesome too... And yeah rumors are that they were once married now divorced... * +

twdledum 6.07.07 - 09:41am
Yeah, Jack White aint his real name. She is Meg White tho and they were married. * +

brightiz 7.07.07 - 02:11am
Yeah, they are ex husband and wife. Some scummy journalist uncovered their marriage certificate. White Blood Cells is definitely my favourite album. Awesome. * +

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