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metalb0y 13.04.07 - 11:31pm
Welcome to the Metallica post, here you can discuss anything Metallica related, all fans are welcome, old or new. So let it be written, let it be done... * +

metalb0y 13.04.07 - 11:32pm
are there any possible album titles yet? or song titles? * +

flip182 13.04.07 - 11:39pm
I CANT WAIT! st.anger realy disapointd bt i think this new one gona b prty gud! i havnt heard the 2 new ones..realy wana though..and is it true that s.a gona b the first stop on the album tour? * +

revolusi 13.04.07 - 11:41pm
if its anythng like st. angr its just gona b a shadow of their oldr stuff * +

metalb0y 13.04.07 - 11:44pm
only the sick of the studio dates have been decided, and they are in europe. the new album tour dates haven't been released anywhere. don't think the dates have even been thought about yet lol * +

skygirl7 13.04.07 - 11:44pm
I cant wait n whtvr its same on st anger or not coz n on st anger was few good songs:D * +

metalb0y 13.04.07 - 11:46pm
if it's anything pre black album it's gonna be great * +

flip182 13.04.07 - 11:47pm
the unnamed feeling the only gud track on st.anger..the rest is jst james screaming or talkin into the mike..itd b rad if it anything lyk the black album. * +

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