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garion 30.11.16 - 05:16pm

@ 4juice - 30.11.16 - 02:02pm
Already loving the new album and seeing them live again for the second time in my life in January

I dunno, I don't dislike it and I'd put it on if I'd been listening to Master or Justice and felt like more of the same, but there's no track that really stands out for me, there's no track I'd head straight to, or think Hell yeah! when it comes on. I've played it four times so far, perhaps it's a grower. I wish I was going to see them again though, lucky you. * +

garion 18.12.16 - 10:25pm
The riff from 'Murder One' bears a (possibly actionable) resemblance to a ditty entitled 'Immigrant Song' by a certain Mr L Zeppelin m'lud.. I mean c'mon, you hear that and you're going: 'ah, ah. aaaahh, aaoww..' surely? *

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