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wkd.gal 4.12.16 - 02:01am
and the man is back gabriel09 is gonna revive his post * +

gabriel09 4.12.16 - 04:21pm
Thanks and hello again to all friends of this post. It's been a very long time , lots of amazing memories thanks to the music we all shared and talked about on these pages. The music landscape has changed a lot even since we started here , it's easier now to connect with our favourite bands , find like minded listeners and share music in ways we couldn't have done back then. So this was a big part of my musical education, I hope for a few others too. I want to broaden the scope a little with what's progressive as well, rather than just post for the hardc*re enthusiast. Lots of music out there is making strides to try new things , helped with better and more accessible technology, so I'll try to nudge any readers of this post into more avenues under the progressive banner and hopefully introduce newer sounds to those that are willing to experiment a little. * +

stratboy 7.12.16 - 06:42pm
ok * +

d.boon 2.01.17 - 03:30am
R.I.P. Emerson And Lake * +

stratboy 17.03.17 - 07:24pm
bump * +

six 21.03.17 - 02:30pm
sing ''bump bump bump b-bump bump, I feel free......'' *

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