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Subject: Once upon a time
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kristy59 22.01.22 - 09:12pm
And turned around to see who was clapping and fell off the ladder still holding the star. Bryanna roared with laughter as she helped her dad up, i told you not to decorate the tree, thats my job said bryanna * +

kristy59 22.01.22 - 09:25pm
I thought you wasnt going to bother this years, decs are usually up by 1st december its now 23rd said wolfie. Stop moaning dad everything in hand and we will be ready by the time the 1st customer walks thro the door in the morning said bryanna, wolfie looked at kristy and pulled a face * +

kristy59 24.01.22 - 08:30pm
No good pulling a face at mum, she knows im right and everything will be sorted by the morning BUT we are 22 days late this year moaned wolfie, so what we will still have best display in the village and the kiddies will be delighted to see santa and his reindeers said bryanna, what reindeers? We usually put cardboard horns on the horses said wolfie. Not this year dad, we have reindeers to pull santas sleigh, isnt that right santa said bryanna looking at ljs dressed as santa, HO! HO! HO! said ljs * +

wolf1v36 5.02.22 - 05:08pm
Part of the cafe had been converted into a santa's grotto, the whole area an hive of activity, many of the villagers had turned up to help in any way that they could with catering and running the stalls, the bar in the marquee, and carpark, tho the road was not closed traffic had to be kept moving but was stopped at pendennis turning where 4 reindears were coupled to the sleigh, ljs aka santa and all loaded, and thumbs up we are off, * +

kristy59 20.02.22 - 09:04pm
The reindeers started to run and santa fell back in his seat with his legs in the air, HELP! he shouted but everyone laughed * +

wolf1v36 21.02.22 - 01:44am
Wolfie was not laughing though as he and jim were walking ahead of the sleigh in long coats and grey top hats and carrying a lantern and a red flag and were both knocked down, luckily ross, len, and d*ck managed to stop the runaway sleigh and reindeers, and ross casually took control and drove the sleigh the short way on to the grotto and helped ljs while len and d*ck helped wolfie and jim and also comforted a tearful kristy and bryanna,, wolfie says IF I FIND THE t*t WHO PUT WHEELS ONTO IT,!!!! * +

wolf1v36 2.03.22 - 01:13am
Likely to have been some inspector concerned that the sleigh would leave marks in the lane and road and suggested wheels to be fitted, or the head gardener at pendennis worried about deep ruts left in the well manicured lawns said d*ck,, wolfie nodded and said, aye, and only a jobsworth t*t would suggest wheels fitted, which in one way just as well, what if the twins had been riding on the sleigh with ljs? Wolfie said to jim as they both hobbled down the road with kristy and bryanna, * +

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