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Subject: iphone4
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rascott 16.03.14 - 09:12am
I got phone from friend when I put sim in show no service show hello screen and other network or connect to itune. Igot no pc or laptop plz need help * +

akash_nu 16.03.14 - 09:26pm
You can't do anything without a computer. That phone needs to be activated. Put a valid SIM card and connect it to a computer. If the phone is unlocked then it will get activated and you'll be able to use it. Make sure you launch iTunes for activation, after connecting the phone. * +

mandain 16.03.14 - 10:27pm
You shouldn't need a computer to activate a phone anymore I'm guessing the phone is locked * +

akash_nu 17.03.14 - 11:54pm
No, if the phone was locked originally and then was unlocked by the career, you still need to connect it with iTunes to get unlocked again. * +

rascott 18.03.14 - 10:47am
thanx will go 2 my friend his got laptop got itunes on laptop * +

rascott 27.03.14 - 05:51am
thanx I need to know how to create new apple I'd I lost paper were I'd and psw is on plz help * +

cyberman 27.03.14 - 07:26pm
deactivate ur old id from accounts then make a new 1 * +

cyberman 27.03.14 - 07:27pm
try here https://appleid.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MyAppleId.woa/ * +

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