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Subject: Downloads
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1clivey1 4.08.10 - 11:17am
What sites cn u download stuff apart from apps store etc that are free n safe guys? *

wanny1 4.08.10 - 12:00pm
Jailbreak and install 'installous' after adding the repo, http://cydia.hackulo.us to the sources section in cydia (which will be installed after jailbreak). *

dani2xll 4.08.10 - 11:19pm
shock Be aware though that nothing is 100 percent safe and that everything you download and install is at your own risk. *

lanegan 8.08.10 - 07:48pm
i use igui dot ru its a russian site but google will translate it, i have had hundreds of games so far frim there, all worked fine just takes a while downloading for non premium users of these sites depending on the size if the game *

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