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slick_01 19.12.17 - 03:52am
Facepalm.gif * +

st_roz3y 21.03.18 - 09:25am
With the current trend of racism and white supremacy, to be black is to have a bullet coming after you.
Especially outside Africa! * +

0gypsy0 22.03.18 - 04:18am

@ st_roz3y - 11.05.15 - 02:51pm
It is unimaginable that some people like their dog (with a black color) more than they like a person (who is black).
Now we should wonder what they really hate.
If they like their black dog and hate a black person, is it the blackness that they hate in the person or the person? Or is it the dogness that they like in the dog or its blackness?
Who can clarify this?

Would you rather be seen as an individual first or your '' race'' first? Is 'Black' a state of being or a state of mind? * +

0gypsy0 22.03.18 - 04:24am

@ st_roz3y - 9.05.15 - 03:58pm
From conquest to slavery from slavery to colonialism and from colonialism to neo-colonialism?

But there is always a major character in all the phases of these developments. That is the Black - either woman or man. In this age of i-phone and i-watch, has the concept black changed from what it was to anything new?

Please give your own opinion with caution. The topic will remain devoid of racism.

I think the concept should mean the sense of pride for what your ancestors overcame and a sense of inspiration to keep fighting. * +

0gypsy0 22.03.18 - 04:30am

@ xfrankie - 22.05.15 - 01:46pm
i'm black, now i can't wait to see what that means..

Let us know if you find it out lol.gif * +

st_roz3y 22.03.18 - 08:37am
Black: a state of mind or a state of being?
Perhaps it's the totality of one's humanity.
It's everything! * +

st_roz3y 22.03.18 - 08:40am
blow_nose.gif Just wondering when the fighting would be over. * +

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