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Subject: The Wire
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alanball 8.03.21 - 01:20pm

Where is this placed on your fave TV series?

Number 1 for me, probably followed by The Sopranos and Breaking Bad.

Omar and McNulty are brilliant characters. Shout out to Ckay Davis as well * +

ogdenz 8.03.21 - 01:35pm
Watched it about 3 years ago. Great stuff. Still have to watch the last series though..It's one of my fave shows.
Sopranos is just a bit better though. * +

3mel 9.03.21 - 04:26pm
The Wire is the undisputed no1 for me, I can't enjoy shows that involve making me cringe. as good as it is The Sopranos is built around that.

although there's a bit of that in season 5 of The Wire too. * +

3mel 11.05.21 - 01:46pm
sorry this needs to be sitting at the top of the forum.
it is the best TV show ever made. * +

alanball 11.05.21 - 04:35pm
lol recently watched it again. Still the best for me but that final series was a bit dodgy * +

warded 13.05.21 - 06:13pm
I never watched it, even though it was on YLE TV2 late nights * +

3mel 13.05.21 - 11:57pm
yo dog Omar coming... go watch

* +

alanball 14.05.21 - 12:29am
'a man gotta have a code' * +

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