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Subject: Outlander
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corpse81 16.12.20 - 08:53pm

@ chris73 - 13.12.20 - 11:20am
I have been watching season 5 of outlander, watched the last dvd last night and that seem to be the end altho a season 6 was mentioned in one of the other dvds interviews lol. How did outlander finish in the last book written?

It was good, great actually! You wouldnt want any more spoilers though but yup they both made it to their old home in Scotland, with Bree and her whole family waiting for their return. Theres still a new book coming but I have no idea when its going to be released. * +

corpse81 16.12.20 - 09:03pm

@ chris73 - 13.12.20 - 11:33am
Im pleased to hear you and family are doing ok and free from this virus. We keep having lockdowns over here and numbers drop then we come out of lockdown and they rise again, we cant win lol. We do have a vaccine now but will take months for everyone to have it but another vaccine in the pipeline which hopefully be available next year. This virus will be around for years a bit like the flu, we just have to take care and stay safe

We are all okay here, but not in the Philippines. Theyre still struggling to keep the virus at bay, although it doesnt seem as bad as it used to. I guess we just got a bit lucky over here in NZ. I am glad that you have already started the vaccines, and I hope it is not going to be long now until we all have it, too. It would be another addition to the annual vaccinations we have, and theres no guarantee its going to work to its full potential but at least we could have a bit of the protection we need, especially those with low immune defence system. * +

kristy59 22.12.20 - 02:02pm
I prefer to be kristy as this my tag for many years. Stalker got chris73 banned not realising when you get rid of one and the other pops up lol I hope you and your family have A Merry Christmas and A Happy and Healthy New Year. * +

kristy59 9.01.21 - 09:19am
In season 5 claire and all the family did all go back to Scotland but claire was only dreaming while she was being r*ped! They are still in north carolina, sad ending but at least another season to come which will probably be available on dvd end of this year * +

kristy59 30.01.21 - 10:22am
Season 5 of Outlander should be on tv late February early March hurray I wish the BBC would buy it back then we wouldnt get all the adverts as we do on the digital channels. * +

kristy59 22.06.21 - 10:44am
I keep hoping Outlander will start again on tv but its June and still no sign of it sad It needs to be on one of the 5 main channels rather then a digital one. To think Neighbours and Home and Away have been going for years and they so boring lol, at least Outlander is interesting and has a storyline good *

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