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timi4ril 20.08.14 - 01:03am
Hello everyone. Please i believe my memory card may have been corrupted due to reasons best unknown to me and it has affected my pictures. Is there any way i could restore my pictures to their original state!? Thank you very much and God bless you. * +

3mel 22.08.14 - 04:17am
I'd imagine that you need to copy the entire contents of that card onto a new memory source. if you are still using it to save files or app info, you are making it much less likely to recover your files..
google for PC software to recover corrupted files... * +

timi4ril 23.08.14 - 12:58am
Thank you very much for your reply. God bless you. * +

sharkies 30.12.15 - 06:00pm
can you actually fix them * +

john_163 5.03.16 - 11:15am
just do check disk scan on ur pc on the sd card just tick the 1st option *

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