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Subject: Ur favorite sony ericsson phone
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meto 4.04.12 - 01:47am
Tel ur favorite sony phone model * +

cchaos 6.04.12 - 08:01pm
Xperia P (when that gets released) * +

polo_011 7.04.12 - 12:14am
P990i will always be my favourite, it had the perfect form factor for me, excellent camera, great big screen for its time, an amazing UI thanks to Symbian UIQ, both a normal t9 board and QWERTY plus it looked great, very sophisticated. Shame about its little RAM. * +

jayden.b 7.04.12 - 02:18am
Se naite best phone signal never Gos down even use it as a modem makes my internet fast on laptop * +

singh882 7.04.12 - 10:31am
I love my C510 smile working gr8 frm d last 3 yrs. * +

lakewolf 8.04.12 - 02:22pm
K700,loved that phone when it came out,200 hrs stand by time was a lode of sh..te, but great phone all the same, a legend to me,:) * +

dessy76 13.05.12 - 04:14am
Every fone i've had has been my favourite till I get the next one sony ericsson p looks good * +

ndalo 13.05.12 - 06:44pm
i love c902 the camera is just the best but i wish the screen was bigger but the phone is good. * +

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