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Subject: SE Making Profits
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polo_011 15.10.10 - 02:10pm
Sony Ericsson are clearly on a mission to regain what they lost, today they have announced their 3rd consecutive profit, at 49m Euro, up from 12m Euro in the 2nd Quater: http://is.gd/g3anf mainly thanks to their XPERIA Smartphone line-up. makes me so glad to be back on their phones as they are making some incredible devices at the moment. :) * +

suresh86 16.10.10 - 01:04pm
thats good news. Now we need better feature phones too. * +

polo_011 17.10.10 - 02:57pm
It seems they are primarily focusing on smartphones lately, but it would be great to see a Aino successor, with a 12mp camera, full touch (same design though), 3.5mm jack, MicroUSB, and maybe D1 (720x480) @30fps video? As well as TV-Out. It would make a good Samsung Wave competitor. * +

suresh86 19.10.10 - 02:00am
maybe, but SE need to focus on the performance of their feature phones, which are heavily criticised. An aino or W995 successor with better hardware and performance would be great. * +

mrperfct 19.10.10 - 03:19am
Mis the candybar simplicity with gr8 features.. and along with bein greenheart im still waiting 4 the se elm to hit sa.. * +

diezi1 5.12.10 - 09:31pm
SE are criticised and rightfully so, they need to come up with something like the k800 of the new age, but hey who cares...... not me =) * +

diezi1 5.12.10 - 09:35pm
PS, at polo, TV out only adds possibility to clog with dirt, its not worth the hassle when most TV's will be soon fitted with bluetooth and so on, 3.5mm jack etc will be completely useless soon hehe * +

badass1 7.12.10 - 09:26pm
yo polo.howzit hangn man.howd da n8review go.ma upgrade c*mn up n im torn between da n8 n xperia.im leanin2ward da nokia.wat do u tink? * +

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