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Subject: K850 BROD :(
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polo_011 24.09.08 - 01:35pm
This morning while on Pro my K850 screen just randomly turned off, and it sgave me the Blue Ring around the camera lense and keypad lighting just on, i removed the batt for an hour and put it back in stil No luck, doesnt luk like the PC can detect the phone either. Dam it i was actualy starting to enjoy this phone,its been so stable, and now this...... * +

gtr1 24.09.08 - 01:52pm
Its probably stil under warranty so take it back. If u wid voda take it vodacare n u wil get a courtesy phone while they work on th k850i. * +

suresh86 24.09.08 - 06:17pm
Hey polo same happened with my k800. Actually erom was damaged. But does the phone reboot or just turn off n on? * +

polo_011 24.09.08 - 08:07pm
gtr1 its going in on Friday mornin. A part of me doesnt wana c it again, i hope they replace it with a W760, or sum other WALKMAN, ths should be my 1st and last Cyber-Shot nervous. Suresh, everytime i turn it on the keypad and the blue ring at the bk light up and it stays like that the whole time. * +

gtr1 24.09.08 - 09:10pm
They wont replace it unless its beyond repairs. * +

polo_011 24.09.08 - 09:24pm
When my W900 died they replaced it. If they do gv me bk the K850 it beta be have the R1F fw then,coz if it cms wit R1E again il be in the same situation in a few months time. * +

gtr1 24.09.08 - 10:50pm
They shud give u th latest fw. Just tell em u dont want branding cos then u might end up wid a vodaphone branded model. Dont tel em u know bout flashing etc. * +

polo_011 24.09.08 - 11:20pm
lol, nah i dnt talk about all that illegal stuff, il ask them to remove the Voda stuff thou. * +

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