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Subject: Guess who got a K850
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polo_011 26.07.08 - 12:53pm
Got a beautiful new blue K850 as an upgrade to go with my N81, what a beauty bt at the same time im not overly impressed, gna use it as my camera and many phone. * +

plzluvme 26.07.08 - 01:24pm
Lyk i said .polo , its 1 gem of a fone bt java spew * +

mickey75 26.07.08 - 01:42pm
Haah! So nice. Lets hope u moving to SE * +

auxano 26.07.08 - 01:53pm
Admit it SE rule dance2 * +

polo_011 26.07.08 - 05:15pm
Lets not get ahead of ourselvs, its already restartd twice, its got a great UI, im enjoing it bt its nt the best, i had enuf of that W880 and was waiting to get another SE anyway thought it was gna be a P1 bt they didnt hav stock of that and Touch Dual * +

auxano 26.07.08 - 05:17pm
Yu can wait 4 Xperia * +

mowbli 26.07.08 - 06:33pm
its a good phone the only thing ilike about it is the youtube its fast and clear compered to my n95 8gb n70 i download it or play it straight from tmobile home page but you tube is best on iPhone * +

rhyno5 26.07.08 - 06:42pm
Oh my god polo! Faint * +

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