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you guys are soon to lose your whatsapp - Page 4/4

Subject: you guys are soon to lose your whatsapp
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ladibud 20.02.17 - 12:24pm
they got it working again King good * +

spunkydj 15.08.17 - 01:26pm
download whatsup by nemory studios its whatsapp with skin over it * +

jizum 9.12.17 - 03:27pm
Are you talking out you're arse? Android will not be locked out it'll be bb that gets locked out when the app is removed an bb user's won't have access to the app anymore! Do us all a favour an come back when you've got valid information not some bullsh*t you've just made up furious3.gif * +

kiber 7.06.18 - 06:10pm
who the fu*k cares. If you use bb, you use bbm. * +

banbury 24.02.21 - 09:09pm
I certainly dont lol. I used to like BBM though *

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