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New Corsa vs Fiesta - Page 2/7

Subject: New Corsa vs Fiesta
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xaligx 25.03.09 - 07:05pm
i'll choose ford fiesta its a killer * +

kinkzz 26.03.09 - 05:57am
They both come standard with bells whistles.The Corsa 3dr sport looks awsum * +

rsi.xav 26.03.09 - 04:23pm
Hav u driven d fiesta kinkz? Wait til d blue bug bites.. * +

kinkzz 26.03.09 - 05:17pm
No I haven't, my bloke has a 1.6 2006 fiesta though,ive never liked the design ,specially those alien looking head lites,but the ride is extremely nice grin * +

dr.crank 26.03.09 - 06:26pm
On the oldskool issue, i love the old chev's, ford also made monsters then. Oh and the new fiesta is a real nice car. * +

kinkzz 26.03.09 - 06:49pm
I knw,that y I can't make up ma mind confused * +

rsi.xav 27.03.09 - 03:57am
D prob is d blue bug hav bitten u already nd u realy want a fiesta.. Bt ur consience is eating u coz of ur sworn loyalty to opel lmao! Forget bout ur fellow opel companions, its nt them who must liv wit d choice. Fone novel ford or jaffes in worchester today nd ask them for a gud deal. * +

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