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Subject: Used VS New
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kinkzz 3.12.08 - 03:53pm
Wich would you choose and Why? * +

dr.4gott 3.12.08 - 05:19pm
New, then you can totally mes up the car and take credit for it. Lmao * +

rsi.xav 3.12.08 - 05:57pm
Depends on cir tances.. I always say, u can buy new, pay a helluva instalment nd rest asured by d warrenty or u can buy 2nd hand, pay cash nd spend sum money on maintanance evry mnth! It al depends.. * +

rsi.xav 3.12.08 - 06:02pm
Personaly i prefer to buy 2nd hand. I always luk out fo sumtin wich is gud value fo money like cars that lose market value quickly bt is stil reliable. Usualy cars wit expensive maintanance costs doesnt break dwn that easy.. I also keep an eye out for vehicles wit a gud maintaind body coz i can fix minor engine nd gearbox probs maself at minimal cost. * +

kinkzz 3.12.08 - 06:09pm
I dnt want any maintenance hassles ,since I can hardly change a tyre * +

kinkzz 3.12.08 - 06:11pm
Though the value of a car drops mostly within first 2-3 years,and buying 2nd hand will only drop half as quick * +

kinkzz 3.12.08 - 06:14pm
Compared,2007 Toy Yaris with 16000km for R80000 VS 2008 new Toy Yaris for 105000. monthly installment of 1700 vs 2200. * +

shyb0y 3.12.08 - 06:23pm
Go for the 2nd Yaris. 16000km is nothing for that cars. * +

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