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Subject: looking for. . .
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schizzo 9.09.11 - 05:43pm
Hi guys im looking for a 2dr mk1 escort body, preferably a rolling chassis. Would also like to ask a few questions to someone who raced/modified escorts. * +

mixdup 11.09.11 - 04:03pm
good luck dude!!! its easier to find a 21 year old virgin these days * +

schizzo 11.09.11 - 07:29pm
Found a rolling chassis with papers for R1500, just need the cash poor * +

mixdup 12.09.11 - 07:17pm
what??? whats wrong with it? I'll want it then if you dont have the cash haha pmpl just have to find someone to borrow me the cash too * +

mixdup 12.09.11 - 07:21pm
guy at the spares shop round the corner from me races classics had a old BMW 2002 Turbo that he raced but sold it cos it expensive to run he built himself a Datsun or something now but he has had an Escort too I'll get you his number tomorrow. * +

schizzo 13.09.11 - 05:52am
i just forked out r15k for a e30 318i so ja, im flatbroke. I got a friend in jhb that ownes n scr*pyard,says he got a body for R2k *

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