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Subject: Car forums/Groups
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schizzo 6.07.10 - 11:04am
So what car related forums/groups do you belong to and how would you rate it? * +

sowickd 6.07.10 - 01:07pm
Tolkens twincam forum,best toy site i kno. 9000rpm,ok but twincam much betr suport,opel ownrs club of s.a. Zoopdup * +

schizzo 6.07.10 - 03:09pm
Nissan owners club of south africa, 16v mini forum, kzn mini forum, mazda rotary club, all excellent for finding info, then im on the aus datsun 1200 forum, speedsound forums and gotboost.co.za's forum, the last 3 mentioned is extremely quite and a waste in my opinion * +

dr.crank 6.07.10 - 07:22pm
Abarth fiat uno turbo club of s.a, zoopedup, sns forum. 200sx forum and 1 or 2 i cant remember. Wich mini forum would u reccomend boet? * +

rsi.xav 6.07.10 - 07:25pm
Im at quantas2 fmcsa and american musclecars forum. Quantas is exelent bt is exclusive to ford technicians. * +

schizzo 7.07.10 - 04:54am
Depends what you want, im on tmf(the mini forum) aswell as turbo minis and 2 other uk mini forums i cant even remember the names of,lol. 16v mini forum covers anything hybrid related from a normal 1.0lt nissan micra swop to a 4wd audi tt swop running 18inch rims. Kzn mini forum was started by the chairman in durban and is very handy if you need everyday info like wiring,engen problems etc * +

schizzo 7.07.10 - 05:01am
Its also nice the sense that he orders parts from the uk once a month and he can bring in parts we need or the styling parts your heart desires,lol. The veedubs range of aftermarket parts is a drop in the ocean compared to what is available in the uk. Xav,what do you guys discuss on a exclusive ford technicians club? * +

syntonic 7.07.10 - 11:50am
I'm a member at http://www.audi-sport.net Best Audi forums online, IMO good * +

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