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Subject: Huawei p9 lite
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cobez 14.12.21 - 03:09pm
Hi is there any signs that will point to your motherboard flex cable being faulty * +

3mel 15.12.21 - 02:36am
flex cable between the motherboard and what ? * +

cobez 15.12.21 - 03:19am
Between the motherboard and charging port main board * +

crail 15.12.21 - 06:37am
The screen will be blank or display funny colours * +

cobez 15.12.21 - 08:58am
My phone started vibrating nonstop even when turned off. I opened the phone disconnected my battery then disconnected everything from the mother board. I reconnected the battery then reconnected everything to the motherboard 1 by 1. When I connected my motherboard flex cable it immediately started to vibrate. I then in took out the charging port put it back reconnected the flex cable nothing not vibrating so far * +

crail 15.12.21 - 10:09am
Fingers crossed * +

cobez 15.12.21 - 04:28pm
I panicked the 1st time so much I cracked the back cover so badly lol *

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