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Subject: Huawei Mate Xs 5G Foldable
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polo_011 14.10.20 - 08:30pm
Got one of these bad boys to try out for a few days and I am absolutely loving it, the thing is like a mini laptop or tablet, makes me excited for the future foldables. What is great with this particular design is that you can use it folded as it is a 6.6inch screen so it's a typical Phablet, but then it becomes an 8inch tablet when you unfold it grin.gif
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polo_011 14.10.20 - 08:31pm
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polo_011 14.10.20 - 08:32pm
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3mel 14.10.20 - 09:19pm
how do you feel about the scratch resistance of the screen ? * +

polo_011 14.10.20 - 09:29pm
It is INCREDIBLY worrying Mel, luckily it has a preinstalled screen protector on it, but yeah, you want to be very careful with this thing. That being said the more I use it the less worried I get as I am typically careful with my devices. I remember getting the chance to use the original Mate X for about 15mins only as that was super fragile and required a rep. being with you to even fold or unfold it, the fact that they let me take this Mate Xs home for a few weeks tells me they have strengthened all they needed to and so the Xs can be used more 'normally' Also as you may see in the pics it has a sort of skeletal case on it, much like the MS Surface Duo, this case is stuck on with 3M tape, so the the device is somewhat protected * +

3mel 14.10.20 - 11:36pm
have you become a tech journo without telling us ? * +

crail 15.10.20 - 06:36am
Mel's living back in 79 * +

crail 15.10.20 - 06:39am
Is abba playing on your radio, Mel? * +

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