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Subject: Ex google executive
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leon29 31.07.17 - 09:02pm
Claims android cameras are five years behind iPhone https://goo.gl/fSu3Ah * +

leon29 31.07.17 - 09:03pm
That pixel photo though, wow just wow * +

crail 1.08.17 - 02:52am
So it's bo11ocks then. It clearly states that the s8 and the pixel cameras are better than the iPhone's. And drop the dslr pmpl2.gif what a load of sh*t this is. They're not even 5 minutes behind * +

polo_011 3.08.17 - 08:17pm
The last time the iPhone camera was ahead was with iPhone5, when the Galaxy S4, Xperia Z and LG G2 arrived, iPhone lost ground and continued to do so after the Xperia Z1 arrived with its Camera at the time.

In fact, Windows Phone Nokias were owning the Camera scene at the time, then in 2014 the Galaxy Note 4 arrived with OIS, even Steve Litchfield of All About Symbian had to concede that with the Note 4, Android had caught up to the best Cameras, which at the time were the gigantic sensor in the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020. * +

leon29 5.08.17 - 07:53pm
That pixel photo in that article was amazing, I've already said in that other post that the Mrs gs8 plus took better photos than my iPhone but the google exec was using a iPhone 7 plus which is meant to have a great camera * +

crail 5.08.17 - 08:34pm
Its good for a phone but nobody can say we can drop dslr's and not be laughed at. Just a buthurt ex employee *

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