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Subject: how to delete pre installed apps
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bluebret 8.04.16 - 06:23am
How to *

sparky04 8.04.16 - 08:12am
1st check to see if your device is rooted if so then use root uninstaller download from play store. If its not rooted then there are 2 options. Root your device and install the above, or go to settings apps select the apps that you don't want to use or see in your ap draw and disable them. *

3mel 8.04.16 - 02:15pm
disabling apps is not a bad idea first off, but not all will give you that option. especially apps classed as system apps.
the fewer you having running in the background the better your phone will run, but with system apps you can also brick your phone too.

if you do root your device look up a thread on xda forums on debloating that's dedicated to your device. then you'll have a list of apps that are safe to remove from your phone without breaking it.

removing system apps won't give you anymore memory to use on your device, but removing non system apps will let you install more user apps before you run out of space. *

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