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Subject: Corrupt memorycard
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sxcrico 17.04.20 - 09:19am
Hi. Does anyone know how to fix my memory card as I have alot of family memories on it. * +

gtr1 17.04.20 - 10:44pm
Remove the SD card from phone and don't use it. Download free app called recuva to u PC. Then scan the card using the app and hopefully u recover data. Its successful most times . * +

3mel 18.04.20 - 02:22pm
with the suggested app backup everything to that PC or another new card. you want to try and format the faulty card after recovering what you can, but it's common for cards to become read only.

if that happens the data will always be safe, but nothing can added or removed and formatting it won't work. * +

flash 20.05.20 - 02:04pm
True 3mel. I have Chinese software that repair and replace flash drive software and plus 5 data recovery software. good * +

actionweb 21.09.20 - 06:23pm
yea *

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