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Toshiba Trouble - Page 2/2

Subject: Toshiba Trouble
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silver66 2.04.12 - 11:51am
blue screen view...it's a driver issue * +

chr1s84 3.04.12 - 06:42am
may not be a driver issue, could also be a hardware issue, next time u get the BSOD white down the code it will look like 0x000 n then we can help u better * +

digix2 3.04.12 - 06:59pm
drunk I think u r playing with a virus. One of the most sympthom of a trojan virus infection is 2 reboot u r system when u execute a program or produce a death blue screen. As u've been adviced above, uninstall any latest softwares in a safe mode or boot u r system with a linux pen drive then look for unknown files/folder in c:/ after that scan and clean u r system registries. Thats a little i cn say 4 2day *

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