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FREENET (FTB) in any country - Page 9/9

Subject: FREENET (FTB) in any country
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crail 5.06.20 - 04:26am

@ 3000ad - 5.06.20 - 01:27am
50,000yrs age the dump was ur ancestral home

Resources exploited from the same dump contributed enormously for the development of ur so called first world continent

Even in the midst of the development the dump was one of the backbone of, u couldn't boast of any achievement but u hide behind the achievements of noble people of interest in ur continent and anonymous the web offers ur broke as s self to run ur mouth

95 percent of us of the living in the dump will smoke u piece of garbage, if life was fair with the resources at ur disposal

Shame...ure even worthless if you come to the dump....

Show some respect to the dump u c*nt

erm I wasn't African 50,000 years ago son. Its' a dump like you said, and what makes you think I'm broke lol. Please don't bite my dick off, or smoke my dick, sir. That sounds a bit too homosexual for me (scared) *

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