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Subject: laptops
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scousy20 3.05.12 - 01:34pm
i got a laptop a while ago an it keeps sayin the memory is low an its dead slow, can i do somethink myself or should i take it to a shop? its only got songs an pics on an about 6 games * +

mok214 3.05.12 - 02:34pm
Unlike what the adverts and sales people say, laptops are not the equivalent of a desktop pc. Otherwise, remove those games so you can free up space for the page file. * +

singh882 3.05.12 - 03:12pm
Run a full scan of ur lappy aftr updating ur AV. Then defragment ur HDD by going to properties of HDD to free up ur space happy * +

scousy20 3.05.12 - 03:42pm
so take it to a shop then lol everythin u said then went rite ova my head lol a dnt kno nothin at all about them x * +

sqresaus 4.05.12 - 05:06am
Id install a older version of tuneup utilities 2010 perhaps buy it or steal it with a bing search aqquired key.,, that should maintain it a little for you the newer versions are just too much annoyance * +

witch1 4.05.12 - 08:22am
You may need more ram, too. And mok's right....a laptop isn't a desktop and will never be as powerful. * +

kazannts 4.05.12 - 03:05pm
what are the laptop specs and harddrive size? * +

asurreym 4.05.12 - 07:29pm
Check the maximum amount of ram u can put in ur laptop by going to crucial.com and type in your make and model of laptop and it will tell u what u can put in there,depending on what sort of laptop it is it should b fairly simple to put the ram in,there are lots of YouTube vids showing how to do it,I say upgrade ram first because it will be quicker to defragment when u come to it n it should speed up the whole system * +

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