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Subject: Virus on my laptop
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jayden.b 5.04.12 - 01:31pm
Is there a free virus software to remove the virus someone even tryna to get In my system blood idiots how when I just started to use it today only and now theres like 10 virus can they do anything when my laptop is off I only when onlinegame web site and some other sites * +

jayden.b 5.04.12 - 01:32pm
I was useing my phone as a modem via bluetooth * +

jayden.b 5.04.12 - 01:34pm
Wat happends if I dont remove the virus I cant find a free virus thing to remove it I even got few virus emails I didnt not open em and it says my pc is at risk * +

kazannts 5.04.12 - 04:58pm
google AVG or AVIRA or AVAST or try googling FREE ANTIVIRUS. google and install SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY and for gods sake stop opening emails from people or companies you've never heard of. If you're suggesting you've been hacked, I really doubt it. No self respecting hacker would bother. Either turn on WINDOWS FIREWALL or download ZONEALARM. * +

jayden.b 5.04.12 - 06:12pm
Its fake virus omg its that windows care taker software that pretends ur pc has virus but it dont I cant remove it wont let me google windows care taker its a fake virus software * +

newt182 5.04.12 - 10:48pm
http://premium.avira-update.com/package/webloader/win32/pepr/avira_antivirus_premium.exe * +

newt182 5.04.12 - 10:51pm
30 day trial * +

jayden.b 6.04.12 - 01:03am
Is it windows care taker cause I dont virus windows care taker is fake software I cant remove it wats that gonna do * +

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