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Subject: arrow keys
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amol104 8.04.12 - 06:58am
plz help me frnds * +

edit.or 8.04.12 - 07:29am
i'd say boot a windows installation disk or enter bios and try if you can use the arrow keys. if you can than it is an o/s problem. if you can't,it may be hardware. or you can just take it to experts as said in first post. if you do enter bios,be carefull as saving incorrect settings may cause serious damage. * +

kazannts 8.04.12 - 01:21pm
*deep breath* let me try it this way. is it a cracked copy of windows? theres no why windows would behave EXACTLY the same way on totally different hardware, it just doesnt happen. UNLESS its the software. So, please give us ALL the info. * +

amol104 8.04.12 - 03:17pm
it may be cracked vesion of win7 * +

kazannts 8.04.12 - 03:56pm
it may be or is? * +

amol104 8.04.12 - 07:28pm
how to identify it is craked or not? * +

kazannts 8.04.12 - 10:19pm
depends on the loader used i think. tbh editor, newt, spartan or one of the others will know better than i would. *

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