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Subject: Toshiba Trouble
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jeph77 31.03.12 - 07:11pm
My toshiba netbook cant come on its showing the bluescreen then tells me that its closing. It then switches itself off and restarts again. But if i open it in safe mode it works i need help. Is there anything i can do. And is possible to browse net while in safe mode * +

kazannts 31.03.12 - 07:37pm
did you install anything prior to this happening? or download anything? if not scan the hdd for any problems. * +

jeph77 31.03.12 - 08:25pm
The latest thing i had installed is the copier software. But i used it for some time. Do i have to scan it in safemode * +

k155m1a5 31.03.12 - 08:50pm
your best bet if you dont want to do a complete reinstall is go back to safe mode and uninstall everything form the last few weeks, then use a program like ccleaner to remove and clean the registry, then reboot. * +

jeph77 31.03.12 - 09:00pm
So k155 what you are saying is that it could be a virus or what. * +

kazannts 31.03.12 - 09:18pm
uninstallung everything from last few weeks isnt going to cure it. theres a good chance its just windows being a pain. but, once youve checked ur hdd, run a virus and spyware scan. its win xp is it? if nothing turns up, you may be able to repair windows/install over the top of your current install of windows. * +

jeph77 1.04.12 - 04:20am
hey kazant it is windows7. * +

kazannts 1.04.12 - 01:29pm
alrighty. did you run hdd checks and virus/malware scans? * +

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