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Subject: Mixed Martial Arts
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njackets 29.12.06 - 11:04pm
Thought it was about time we had a proper post 4 Pride,K1,UFC,Cage Rage etc as there seems 2 b a bit of confusion with all the diffrent old UFC posts. * +

njackets 29.12.06 - 11:07pm
Chuck LydellVsTito Ortiz coming up can anybody see Tito wining this? Looking foward 2 seeing Mike Bisling fight.! * +

1soup 29.12.06 - 11:22pm
Chan 427 on Sky has alot ov UK cage fighting on. You see the poor diff between UK AND USA, use to do thai boxing many years ago and my cousin was class at it, still go to alot ov fights * +

njackets 30.12.06 - 01:06am
Theres a rumour going round that the Pride fighter Mirko 'Cro cop' Filipovic might b going 2 fight in the UFC he's a animal.! He'd b a big favorte against Tim Silvia. * +

waygone 30.12.06 - 01:11am
Im not really inda house dat much 2 get da best out of sky jackets. . . So i dnt buy it, i luv all combat fighting but guess i miss a gud lot of it * +

njackets 31.12.06 - 12:59am
When is the ChuckVsTito card? * +

musho77 31.12.06 - 01:07am
to much rolling around on the floor bores me but it was good when tank abott was punching people out years ago nod * +

njackets 2.01.07 - 01:04am
Haven't seen the UFC the cable is down which im just gutted about.! The only thing ive wanted 2 watch on the tele all xmas.Chuck TKO Tito in 3rd round and was supposed 2 have dominated him.Dont know how any of other fights went? Wanna know how Mike Bipsling did.Fedor the Pride HW champ beat Hunt? The name Mark Hunt rings a bell but was close 2 beating the supposidly unbeatible Fedor.Also it does * +

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