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Subject: UFC/MMA
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r3ckless 30.09.20 - 10:52am
Okay, new thread for all things ufc/mma related seeing as the old thread has been deleted for whatever reason. * +

r3ckless 30.09.20 - 04:32pm
New light heavyweight champ. Reyes got tko'd by jan blachowicz and adesanya tko'd Costa to retain the middle weight belt. * +

r3ckless 4.10.20 - 11:42am
Good to see Carlos Condit back in the octagon last night and getting a win. * +

r3ckless 10.10.20 - 10:44am
Big fight for for Ross Houston tonight in bellator. He's fighting Michael venom page in France. This is his biggest fight to date and the first on his bellator contract. Surprised mvp even took this fight. You can catch it on the BBC iPlayer or YouTube around 5.45pm British time . Cmon Ross bring it back to the highlands. * +

r3ckless 10.10.20 - 07:18pm
Well that was disappointing. Ross was sh*te. All his confidence went when he realised he couldn't get the better of mvp in the grappling department. Mvp wins the decision. * +

r3ckless 10.10.20 - 07:24pm
Not a bad ufc card tonight. Looking forward to moraes vs sandhagen. The barboza fight . Tom aspinall fight and the super hot Tracy Cortez is fighting. * +

r3ckless 17.10.20 - 06:52pm
I'm looking forward to the Korean zombie vs Brian Ortega tonight (hyper) * +

r3ckless 21.10.20 - 03:33pm
Well the khabib vs gaethje fight is finally here this weekend . Can't wait for it . I'm going to go against everyone else's opinion and I'll say khabib gets knocked out. * +

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