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Subject: F1 new season
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spartan2 8.06.14 - 10:08pm
Perez looked like he braked early because of brake problems and when you are racing that fast and that close if someone brakes just a couple of metres early you'll go into the back of them every time. Williams probably did not warn Massa that Perez had brake issues and to watch out for it. * +

wettoast 8.06.14 - 10:40pm
what happened to rosberg in the end when he cut that corner * +

supaguy 25.10.20 - 01:30am
Hamilton will soon be crowned 2020 champion 7 in total. He is good but i think the car makes him look better than he is. Some of the young hot heads could do as well if they were his team mate instead of botas. The car is wasted on him. * +

supaguy 26.10.20 - 12:25am
Botas fks up again to let hamilton take the world record of wins abit earlier. Like i said hamilton needs a decent team mate who will challenge him. Alonso back next year but wasted to many years with mcclaren put him with hamilton then we got a pairing. * +

cam007 1.11.20 - 08:11am
Is it the skill of the driver or the ones with the fastest cars though that are gonna win most of the time. Stick them all with the same car and see what happens *

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